Pinhole Leaks in Copper Pipes in San Clemente

It appears a rash of copper piping problems has been occurring in San Clemente, CA as well as some surrounding areas.  Certain neighborhoods have been experiencing pinhole leaks sometimes within 5 years of the houses being built.  The debate as to who is to blame goes back and forth between builders and the water district.  Builders believe that the problem is causes by chloramines in the water.  I believe some tests have shown that to be so but I’m not entirely sure.  The water district think it is faulty builders.

Meanwhile the home owners have all these repair bills and problems to deal with.  Good times.  They need to pay for the repairs but probably need to do some preventative maintenance on the problem as well.

These are the only guys I’ve heard of who directly address the copper pipe pinhole problem.  They use a combination of different medias to remove or reduce hard water issues and eliminate the chloramines present in the San Clemente water supply.  It is the chloramines that are thought to cause the pinhole to develop.  The chloramines form pimples inside the copper pipe and these turn to holes in short order.

Go to the Pure website to learn more about how pinholes can be prevented.


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